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Officer Training Materials

Member Orientation

ZC/RC Training Materials































Board Member    
Board Member Handout   PDF
LCIF Melvin Jones Application Form   PDF
Lions History   PDF
Lions History Facts   PDF
Lions History Helen Keller Speech   PDF
Lions History Melvin Jones   PDF
Lions Purpose and Ethics   PDF
Lion Tamer    
Lion Tamer Officer Duty   PDF
Membership Chairperson    
Lion Membership Chairperson Officer Training Agenda   PDF
ME4 We Serve   PDF
ME12 Club Membership Chairman Manual   PDF
ME22 Induction Ceremony Instructions   PDF
ME26 Lions People Just Like You   PDF
ME13 Orientation Guide for Conducting New Member   PDF
MK20A Local Lions Club Brochure Template   PDF
Orientation PowerPoint Thumbs   PDF
PR770 Look at Lions   PDF
Lion President and VP Officers Training Agenda   PDF
Club President Manual   PDF
DA1 Application for Club President Excellence Award   PDF
Lions Meeting Agenda Word  
MK-9EN Lions Community Needs Assessment   PDF
Syllabus President 2005 Word  
Zone Chairman Manual  


A1 Annual Activities Report  


Lions Secretary Officer Training Agenda   PDF
C23A M-Report   PDF
Club Supplies Order Form   PDF
DA1 Application for Club President Excellence Award   PDF
IRS Form 990 Sample   PDF
LCIF42 Melvin Jones Fellowship Application Form   PDF
ME20 Transfer Member Form  


Reinstate Form   PDF
Sample Form to Collect Monthly Activities   PDF
Secretary 100% Application Form   PDF
WMMR instruction-Club Report Functions   PDF
WMMR Instruction-Quick Reference Guide   PDF
Tail Twister    
Tail Twister: Functions and Duties   PDF
Fun at Club Meetings Word PDF
Lions Treasurer Officer Training Agenda  


IRS Form 990 instructions   PDF
IRS Form 990 EZ   PDF
IRS Form 990 Sample   PDF
Tax Disclosure Statement   PDF
Unrelated Business Income Tax   PDF
LA15 Club Officers Manual   PDF
Lions Club Toolbox   PDF
Officer Duties Overview Word PDF
PR710 Club Public Relations Chairman Guide   PDF